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Patrick Funk


Thank you all for visiting my website! Now you might think why the "HECK" should I follow his programming. Well, let me tell you a bit about the background, the purpose and the goal of my programming.

I started with competitive functional fitness about 8 years ago. I come from a team sports and strength training background. So strength was never an issue for me. That lead to the fact that I thought I am Superman, Batman and Hulk all at the same time. Definitely I was not! Is I had overtrained myself over a longer period of time, I got severely injured. Due to the fact that I was naive, neither well educated about programming proper intensity, pacing and workload for myself as an athlete, nor as a coach I received the payback from my body. So I decided I need some change in my life. I fought my way back to health, educating myself about the sport, learning it's mechanics and functions and especially studying the human body and mind. 

All my experiences and mistakes have led me to where I am today as a an athlete, individual person and especially as YOUR coach!

Just like I did, I want you to fall in love with this sport in order to stay healthy or pursuing your goals as an athlete. Having the right coaching will just give you the maximum effects you're seeking from a professional training plan: 

Be it becoming and staying healthy, pushing your limits or having a great programming to pursue your goals as a serious athlete!

That's why my programming is all about YOU! It's about YOUR body, YOUR training and YOUR intensity. 

Wether you are an athlete pursuing a professional career a group of friends that want to be fit and have fun together or just to become and stay healthy my programming offer you the perfect fit for your goal. 
If you want to get a closer look on "THE PACKAGE" programming itself, me as a coach or the benefits of functional fitness, check out the following videos! 

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