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What Members say about the package

I am grateful to have the chance to train many talented and strong athletes. Here is what some of them have to say about The Package. 


I was super excited when I started to work with Pack, we actually first met at our level 1 ... years ago. Because I competed many times against him I know how capable he is as an athlete, that made the decision for me very easy to trust him as my coach. Ever since we are working together I haven't regretted my decision at all. His way and style of coaching fits my needs perfectly, we are in constant exchange and he really makes me realize where my weaknesses are and where we need to work on. For me as a competitive athlete it`s very important to have a close and good relationship between athlete and coach.

I am really looking forward to creating an amazing community to share what we are doing on a daily basis during my training. I am excited to share my experience with all of you guys.

Kevin Winkens - CrossFit Vitus

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"Pack follows me as an athlete since I started doing CrossFit almost 4 years ago.
He's providing a high quality personal programming, that is always varied, full of challenges, and really adapted to me.

I love it and can only recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their fitness !"

Jules Poret - Student

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"The fate sent me to Pack because he understands coaching not as only creation of a training plan  but much more as an all-around support. He analyses my movements, how my body reacts to the new stimuli and speaks with me about the mental game in our great sport. I'm happy to have him in my corner because he is a guy who thinks big and we're gonna reach a lot together. Every day is a new day - A new chance. A new opportunity to separate the good from the bad! Let's go on a successful journey - together. Thank you Pack"

Moritz Fiebig - Box Owner Sankt Pauli Athletik

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"My goal is and has always been to train smart. “The Package” not only challenges me physically but mentally too. Pack’s in depth programming pushes me as an athlete and constantly reminds me why I love training with the perfect balance between weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning and mobility. Being a part of “THE PACK” is like being surrounded by your favourite team members. Our WhatsApp group is pure motivation with scores and PR’s sent daily. The support is indescribable and so inspiring. 
My favourite coach PACK moment was competing in my first Crossfit competition and having Coach Pack locked in on me 100%. He prepared me mentally for the WOD better that I could have ever imagined. 
Regardless if you are wanting to compete or just give your training some smart structure, I would recommend “THE PACKAGE” to every athlete. We are “THE PACK” and we are stronger together. At least that’s how I feel :)" 


Alex Hipwell - Nike Global Trainer 

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