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Kevin's got the Magic Power Program

I've been working with Kevin for quite some time now. And ever since we are working together people constantly ask him what program he follows. That led to the point where we made the decision to make his programming available for everyone who wants to follow exactly what he is doing.


I was super excited when I started to work with Pack, we actually first met at our level 1 ... years ago. Because I competed many times against him I know how capable he is as an athlete, that made the decision for me very easy to trust him as my coach. Ever since we are working together I haven't regretted my decision at all. His way and style of coaching fits my needs perfectly, we are in constant exchange and he really makes me realize where my weaknesses are and where we need to work on. For me as a competitive athlete it`s very important to have a close and good relationship between athlete and coach.

I am really looking forward to creating an amazing community to share what we are doing on a daily basis during my training. I am excited to share my experience with all of you guys.

Kevin Winkens - Got The Magic Power

With the Magic Power Program we have 2 version available for you. The Magic Power Standard with 5 days of Kevin Winken's Training and the Magic Power Pro with 8-9 sessions per week. No matter what version you pick, the following applies to both:

  • You have a 4 weeks cancellation period

  • Every 2-3 months we provide a webinar where we host a Q&A session with Kevin

  • You will join our WhatsApp group where we share updates and videos and where you can actively get in touch with Kevin as he will share his experience and a few results in there

  • You will also be allowed to join the general monthly "The Package Webinar" where I invite other coaches to give guest talks, or I will host a seminar about a specific topic

  • You will get access to the application called TrueCoach to be able to see your programming on your smartphone

Want to train exactly like Kevin? 

We truly believe that we can create an amazing community together, and we are very excited to have YOU with us!

Magic Power Standard

5 sessions of Kevin Winkens` Training per week (90-120 min p.S)​


13 Euro per Week

Magic Power Pro

Every session of Kevin Winkens` Training per week (90-120 min p.S, 8-9 sessions p. Week)​


16 Euro per Week

Keep in mind that this programming is designed for athletes who commit their daily lives to competing in functional training. That means being able to perform all movements is necessary. If you want to follow Kevin’s training schedule but are unsure whether it’s the right thing for you at the moment, you can sign up for my generic programming (Rx / Scaled) on a 2-week free trial period and see what’s works best for you.

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