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Trainingcamp November 4.-5.11.2023

The Package Members: 175 Euro 
*50.- upfront to save your spot
Externals: 250 Euro *50.- upfront to save your spot

CrossFit Vitus 
Greefsallee 58b, 41747 Viersen

Detailed camp information further down!

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Trainingcamp Nov 4-5.11.2023

50 €


Save your Spot

Valid until canceled

Save your spot for this years trainingcamp

50 Euro upfront and the rest you will pay at the event

This fee is non refundable

About the Camp:



11:00: Doors open 

Welcome upstairs and stretching for the first session 


11:30-12:30: Training I 

Moving Moving Moving! Classic CrossFit session, train together sweat together. Main focus: Getting to know each other and having fun, it’s a long weekend


12:30-13:30: Lunch break


13:30-14:30: Theory Session with Pack: Train Smart Workout Smarter: Efficiency, correct pacing, and what you need to know for competitions 


14:30-16:00 Training II

First part: More technical/theoretical: Efficiency in movements. Gymnastics and Weightlifting tips and tricks for more efficiency 

Second part: Putting theory into action: Pacing training with weightlifting and gymnastics 


16:00-17:15: Break for snacks 


17:15-18:45 Training III 

Typical CrossFit training with a focus on movement technique (high skills) and how to tackle specific movement combinations (e.g heavy and high skill) 


19:45: Dinner 

I will send out a separate list for the dinner. So I can reserve enough spots at the restaurant. Restaurant will be: Moshi Bar Mönchengladbach



9:30: Doors open for stretching 


10:00-11:30: Training I 



11:30-12:00: Little break to get food as you can eat during theory 


12:00-14:00: Theory session with Elâ: Nutrition for Performance 


14:15-15:45: Training II 

Final training of the weekend so let’s do a little competition simulation 


16:00-17:00: Q&A if you want, if you have a long travel feel free to start your way home



The Package members: 175 Euro

External members: 250 Euro 


Food is NOT INCLUDED. Make sure you bring enough food, there is a Netto and an ALDI in 5 min walking distance and and EDEKA 5 min by car. 

The gym has a fridge and a microwave 


Location: CrossFit Vitus in Viersen 

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