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- Train Smart workout smarter -
Strength and Conditioning Programming

About the Package

Train Smart

Start to train smart. Work on your individual level with the right intensity that works best for YOUR body and system. Set the base for constant progress!

Workout Smarter!

Workout even smarter! When you start to understand your own body and your very own intensity you can master pacing and understanding workouts even better.

Not sure yet? No Worries! You can try the Programming 14 days for free!
German Throwdown about
The Package

Pack is a renowned athlete himself, he has a lot of experience being a Competition Director. For years, he was the Co-host of the Swiss Alpine Battle. Today he is known for his programming and will bring all his expertise to the German Throwdown. 

We are looking forward to working with him and to set the stage for a fantastic event in 2023.

Benedict Gebhardt:
Owner of the German Throwdown

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